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Mr Rotten's Scrapbook Launch

Yes, we are celebrating our grand opening here at McDERMOTTgalleries with the exclusive launch offer of Mr Rotten’s Scrapbook. Buy the book up to the 2nd of March and get the opportunity to meet and have the book personalised by John Lydon in the Gallery. If you would like to come to this event please give me a call and we will aim to put you on the guest list.  

Mr Rotten's Scrapbook present an exciting and intimate journey through John Lydon’s life, from inception to now, in high quality pictures and hand written text commentary.

Large format ‘coffee table’ style. 14¨ x 14¨ 250+ pages.

Strictly limited edition - only 750 pieces worldwide – each one uniquely numbered 1 -750

Quarter bound in high quality lytho finish with unique front and back boards, and individual born date.

Over 80% unseen content, including many personal images and hand written quotes.

Unique centrefold feature - every book hand signed and doodled by Mr Rotten!

Each book includes a 12¨ picture vinyl, hand built into the back cover of each book. Containing 2009 live PiL recordings, plus exclusive John Lydon spoken-word outtakes!

The first 100 books sold within 24 hours of going on pre-order.
Over 50% of total book quota were sold on pre-order.

The remaining books won’t hang around for long, so if you want one, grab it while you still can!

Own a true piece of limited edition, signed art by one of the biggest legends in music history..

Enjoy the journey!

£449 Contact us for further information.

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